Wood Stoves

A Wood Burning Stove is not only carbon neutral, a stove will put the character and finishing touch in to any living room.

Energy Clever are HETAS (Government approved) registered installers of Wood Burning Stoves in Yorkshire, serving areas around Sheffield, Rotherham, Chesterfield, Derbyshire and the surrounding areas. Our focus is on safe, efficient and carbon neutral forms of heating.

A fire is the living heart of a home

When wood is burned in a wood stove, it releases the same amount of carbon back into the atmosphere, as it absorbed during the growing process. In turn a developing tree will re absorb this carbon in a natural cycle.

Wood is a readily available, sustainable fuel, we can proudly recommend to our customers a number of local suppliers from Derbyshire & Yorkshire who all produce locally sourced, readily cut and seasoned wood for your stove.

Wood Stoves

There is nothing better in the cold, dark winter months than relaxing in front of a real fire. A solid fuel stove can provide extra warmth on those cold winter nights and is a very cost effective and carbon neutral form of heating.

Stoves generally can't be relied on as the main heating source for the home as they need to be regularly tended to in the way of adding logs and fuel and disposing of ashes. However, they can be integrated into an existing heating and hot water system as a secondary or tertiary heat source, if designed correctly.

Make your wood stove part of your central heating

  • Biomass Boiler
  • Air source heat pump
  • Ground source heat pump
  • Gas or electric heating system with hot water storage

The design of a wood stove is very important when integrating as part of a heating system, mainly for safety. The heat generated by a stove cannot be isolated easily, not like a gas boiler or heat pump, where the gas or electricity is instantly isolated by an automatic process. A stove will keep burning untill the fuel or air is depleted.

Wood burning stoves can be installed to an unvented heating system but special attention must be paid to selecting the correct stove for the project. The stove must have a cold water quenching system, there are more and more models with this feature entering the market.

Wood burning stove with a combi boiler?

A wood burning stove can be integrated with a combi boiler if the correct appliance is selected.

One way of using the heat from a standard boiler stove to work alongside a combi boiler would be to have a couple of radiators within a property on their own heating circuit supplied by the stove, popular choices would be hallway and landing perhaps or landing and upstairs bathroom. This is ideal for those slighlty milder nights where it is uneccessary to have both the fire and heating on.

Where a stove is linked to a heating circuit, this is known as a "wet" system. A stove can produce a great deal of heat, sometimes too much for one room. A wet system helps distribute the heat produced to other areas of your home, which in turn will drift around the home, gently warming the air.