Commercial Solar PV

Energy Clever offer a full bespoke Commerical Solar PV design, installation and commisioning service. We choose the products based on the clients requirements.

We work closely with Contractors, Developers, Businesses, Consultants and Landlords to design and install commercial Solar PV systems throughout the UK. Having worked within the commercial sector for many years we have gained a good understanding of BREAM and Part L of the building regulations to enable us to design a cost effective solar system to meet your renewable energy obligations.

After working in this industry since 2009 we have tried and tested many products and after years of experience we have chosen to work with Solaredge as we believe this manufacturer is at the forfront of design and innovation.

Here is a few reasons why:

  • Solaredge technology has proven there technology can harvest more power from each module and this is because each solar panel is optimized so the weaker PV panels don't effect the stronger PV panels.
  • Maxium energy from each solar panel as this
  • Cost saving design saving up to 50% on the electrical aspect of the installation
  • More energy by design as this can easily be installed on differnet orientations and pitches and still perferm to its maxium
  • Cost saving mainteance as you can quickly login to the cloud based monitoring software and determine the solar panel causing the issue
  • future compatibility and warranty, if a panel fails in years to come a new model can be simply replace the old one without compromising the systems performance
  • Safe DC providing the highiest safety for installers, electricians and firefighters
  • Better suited for future insurance requirments

Commercial Solar PV Video