Drying with biomass

Industrial drying applications with a biomass boiler

Many waste management and recycling companies could financially benefit from an industrial biomass drying system.

Often recycleable products are a cost to get rid of such as SRF, b grade wood and general waste, all of which contain a large percentage of water or moisture.

Gate fees for disposal are charged by the product weight per tonne. Lets say a particular waste is 50% moisture content, therefore 50% of the gate fee disposal cost is for the weight of the retained water or moisture of the product.

If we can dry this product, we then reduce its weight by 50%, therefore the gate fees for disposal decrease by 50% along with the haulage costs.

For a company with a readily available supply of recycled wood, we can use this wood, through a biomass boiler to dry the recycleable end product to achieve 50% less disposal costs. The financials on such a system work without the need for the RHI payments or the rules and regulations surrounding compliance with the RHI scheme.

Drying with biomass Video