Climate Change Levy (CCL)

The CCL is a tax put on the various forms of fuel (or taxable commodities)  used to supply business', public sector, industrial and the commercial sectors to provide heating, lighting and power to these organisations.

The various forms of fuel subject to the Climate change levy are:

Mains Natural Gas ElectricityLPG or liquid gas Coke & coal 

Climate Change Levy (CCL)

The climate change levy is imposed on a business where: the amount of electricity consumed by the business from non renewable sources is greater than the annual amount of electricity consumed from renewable sources.

A business exempt from the Climate Change levy must:

Buy electricity from a supplier, where the supplier has provided a renewable source declaration.

Generate their own electricity by means of a renewable source

Produce records on the renewable generation process                                                                    

(contained in our handover pack )

State how, who and what will be using the renewable generated electricity                                    

 (contained in our handover pack )

Hold Renewable Levy Exemption Certificates (Renewable LECs) if bought from a supplier                

(enclosed in suppliers documentation) 

Our Solar PV systems are designed around the business' electricity usage to qualify for exemption from the Climate Change Levy in most cases. Very large scale projects may still need to purchase energy from a supplier holding a renewable source declaration to qualify for exemption.