Homeowner Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers, also known as wood fuelled heating systems, utilise natural components, such as wood pellets, chips or logs to provide heating and hot water.

As wood is one of the most affordable heating fuels, biomass boliers offer significant financial savings and carbon reductions. 

Energy Clever are UK Sales & Service Partners ETA biomass boilers.

As regional representatives of ETA, our team are fully trained by ETA in designing, installing and maintaining their biomass systems in our region.  Our MCS accreditations qualify our company for the installation of domestic systems.

Why Choose ETA Biomass?

When considering an investment in biomass, the cheapest option is not always the right option.  ETA are world renowned Austrian Biomass manufacturer with the leading UK market share of 30%.  ETA also lead the German biomass market, where over 1 million biomass boilers are operational.

ETA's biomass boilers are designed and engineered for an effective service life of over 20 years.  They come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty on all parts for a period of 5 years and guarantee replacement parts for a minimum of 20 years.

The market leading ETA brand has gained their respectability through their build quality and highly engineered components, not to mention the most advanced but user friendly internet ready control software. This software can be integrated to the whole heating system allowing the owner of an ETA biomass boiler to control their unit from anywhere in the world.  Engineers also have full remote control should any adjustment or fault diagnosis be required.

Our ETA biomass boiler range caters for the full spectrum of possible installation scenarios.  The smallest biomass boiler has a 7 kW output, ideal for a small modern home.  The largest has a 500 kW output, where several of these can be cascaded to achieve outputs of over 2 megawatt (2000 kW) for factories and large commercial situations.

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