Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps use ambient heat in the air to heat a property and provide hot water. They are ideally suited to new or very well insulated properties.

Air Source Heat Pumps are not quite as efficient as ground source systems, as air temperatures in the UK can vary on a daily basis, whereas the ground is constant to 8-12°C. However, installation costs are substantially less as there are no ground excavations required.

An Air Source Heat Pump will compliment any Solar Photovoltaic system as they operate on electricity. Energy Clever can also offer an Immersion heater control unit to divert excess generated solar electricity to the hot water cylinder therfore further increasing overall system efficiency. 

A Solar Thermal system would also compliment the Air Source Heat Pump by heating the hot water cylinder during the summer months, saving the costs of running the heat pump for hot water only when free solar energy is available.

Air Source Heat Pumps Video